Natural Solutions to Sleep Problems

Approximately 70 million Americans suffer from sleep “disorders”, which results in billions of dollars spent on prescription drugs to help them ....

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Health and Stress Workshop

Stress is the underlying cause of most illnesses. This lecture will educate the audience on the symptoms of stress, how stress affects the body’s ....

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Natural Solutions to Headache Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic headaches. This results in millions of doctors visits, millions of lost work days, and billions of dollars....

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About Us

At Pinnacle We Provide Classes and Mentoring That Goes Into Providing You The Best Acupuncture Experience

Pinnacle Acupuncture's philosophy and practices are based around Chinese acupuncture. We are located in Seattle Washington. We truly believe that traditional Chinese medicine is a better solution than t...

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Does acupuncture hurt?

When administered by a skilled professional it should not hurt. The hair-thin needles are NOT to be compared with the ...

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What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a written history in China of 2000 years but...

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